Squarespace is a leading CMS provider for small and mid sized businesses. It can handle a simple blog, portfolio site and even e-commerce out of the box.

At Swarms we always invite our clients to investigate if Squarespace is the right fit for their needs. Usually the answer is yes!

If you’re new to managing and updating a website, Squarespace is the perfect solution. They have a great ratio of flexibility and control that gives you a tonne of freedom to build your site while also preventing you from accidentally breaking the layout.

Squarespace Process

We’ll help you assess how much assistance you need and provide the right amount for your circumstances and website comfort level. You may just want help with the website launch and domain configuration or we can help you from ground zero with picking your design, adding content and more.

Squarespace Circle Member

Squarespace Circle Member

Swarms of Things is a Squarespace Circle member which allows us a few extra benefits when building your site. We can work on it for up to 6 months before requiring a Squarespace subscription, and when you do decide to launch we can help you get a discount on yearly subscriptions. A new bonus feature is that we can also use the beta site duplication method to generate alternative versions for testing.

Squarespace Training

We offer 1-on-1 or group training sessions either remotely via video conferencing or in person in the Halifax NS area.

We can help acclimate you to the ways Squarespace works that may be different from other CMS you’re familiar with like WordPress or Wix. We can also take you from ground zero where you may have no experience updating a website, but by the end of our engagement you will feel confident you can keep your site up to date.