Whether you have an existing website that requires updates, or need a brand new one, I can help 👋.

I help small businesses and solopreneurs build their products and solve their challenges on the web.

Swarms of Things is owned and operated by me, Kyle Kelly. I'm a Full Stack Senior Web Developer out of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

First and most important step: We will assess your goals and requirements.

Maybe you need a brand new website, but perhaps there is just an irritant or two on your existing site that you’d really like removed. So we’ll chat by phone or video and dig into what you need and see if I’m a good fit to help.

Once we’ve identified your objective, I’ll form a plan with you on how we’re going to accomplish it.

You understandably have a lot on the go.

You need a website, but your website is a small fraction of the priorities you need to deal with to keep your business running. So I’ll manage the process and keep it simple. You’ll have one less thing to worry about.

It can sometimes feel like there are an overwhelming amount of options for a website, but I’ve been doing this long enough that I can recommend the right solution for your specific combination of needs, time and budget.

Sound good? Email me to work on something together.

Looking for a detailed list of skills and services?

Can do. I build a lot of WordPress and Squarespace sites, but my full services list is right here.

Training for WordPress and Squarespace is also available. I’ll make sure you’re comfortable using and updating your website.

Are you a Marketing Agency looking to augment your internal capabilities?

I have a site dedicated to helping agencies to check out: Overflow.agency

Interested in work samples?
🔭 Explore sites I’ve worked on:

Hope you like what you see! Email me to start your project.